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Teen Drivers Require Every Possible Advantage

Parents worry about distracted driving, overconfidence and indecision when their teens are behind the wheel.  Selection of a well-equipped vehicle could reduce the chances that the teen will be involved in a crash.

  • Electronic Stability Control – An automobile equipped with ESC will take control if the teen is unable to control a skid or sharp turn.  This feature is on every 2012 make and model of vehicle.  The expense of having a teen drive a new car might be outweighed when the technology saves the young driver’s life.
  • Anti-lock Braking System – Wet roads require driving skill that can be assisted with brakes that will not lock and cause skids.  ABS adjusts the brake tension automatically to allow the car to retain contact with the pavement.
  • Airbags – In a crash, teen drivers will benefit from the deployment of airbags.  Bumps and bruises will heal faster than severe injuries incurred from rattling around in a rolling vehicle.
  • Proper maintenance – Good tires and proper air pressure work together to make the car even more safe.  Teens should be taught how to check fluid levels and tire pressure each month.

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