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Revving Up to Buy Motorcycle Insurance?

Motorcycle insurance can give you confidence that your sweet ride won’t turn into a sour experience. Follow these steps to get the right insurance for your needs.

1) Find out what the state requirements are for liability and personal injury coverage. Remember this is the minimum amount you’ll need.

2) Consider your assets. If you have substantial savings or property, you might want more insurance to protect your finances from a lawsuit.

3) Check your car insurance policy. Your motorcycle insurance should provide at least as much coverage.

4) Remember that state requirements only cover liability — the amount you may have to pay to another person. If you want coverage for damage to your own bike, you need collision coverage for road accidents and comprehensive coverage for other kinds of damage and theft.

4) Have your bike appraised. If you own an antique or have customized the bike, it may be worth substantially more than you paid. Find out what the replacement value will be.

5) If you have custom accessories, make sure you buy insurance that covers those items, or buy a rider that provides insurance for them.

Save-On Insurance Services can help you with all of your vehicle insurance needs. To learn more or get a quote, contact us.