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Protect yourself on the water with boat insurance

It does not matter the size of your boat or if you prefer to boat on freshwater lakes and rivers or head out to the open waters of the ocean. Every boat owner should take the steps to ensure the boat and those on the boat are protected while out on the water. A boat insurance policy protects you and your boat from any liability and damage caused during an accident. The insurance policy you need depends upon the boat you own and the amount of coverage you want to purchase.

Boat insurance policies should include:

  • Damage caused by collision, sinking, accident, mischief and vandalism
  • Physical damage to the hull, sails, machinery, furnishings, on-board equipment and boat trailer
  • Liability coverage
  • Optional coverage for personal property, fishing equipment, uninsured boaters and towing

Keep in mind, there is only limited coverage, if any, for your boat included with your current homeowners or auto insurance policy. Take the time to speak with an insurance agent to find out how much coverage you currently have and you different boat insurance options.

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