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Safety Tips for Personal Watercraft Owners

For many outdoor enthusiasts, personal watercrafts like jet skis make a great alternative to traditional boats and canoes. However, safety cannot be ignored when riding on these devices. Packing an emergency kit at home will help you if there is trouble on the water.

Emergency Kit

Items you should place in your personal watercraft emergency kit include a flashlight, a whistle or flare kit to signal for help, marine radio, compass, charts for the area in the water where you will ride and proof of insurance for your craft. Some personal watercraft owners also invest in a marine GPS, especially if they have trouble reading maps. Make sure everyone is wearing a life jacket.


A personal watercraft that has been protected from winter may still need repairs before it can hit the water. Make sure all watercraft are inspected before use after they have been stored for a few months.

If you have more questions about watercraft safety and live in the greater Los Angeles, California area, please contact Save-On Insurance Services and get a quote today.