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Why Permanent Insurance Life Insurance is a Good Value

Permanent life insurance policies provide life-long protection for those they were meant to protect. If you are considering life insurance there are some very good reasons to choose permanent or whole life insurance. Here are five.

  • Permanent life insurance builds value. The longer you have it, the more it is worth. It will never go down in value, and you own and have access to that value.
  • Because it increases in value, its worth is there to help you in difficult financial circumstances.
  • Its worth is also available to help you take advantage of opportunities. You can borrow against your permanent life insurance policy to invest in a business or other promising enterprise.
  • Life insurance values are rarely used in consideration for student aid. That means your life insurance policy can build value while not hampering your children’s efforts to secure funding for higher education.
  • Permanent life insurance policies can provide additional retirement income.

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