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How to Cheaply Insure Teen Drivers

Putting your licensed teen driver on your auto insurance policy will result in a steep rise in your premiums. The following offers some suggestions on how to insure your teen driver at a less expensive cost.  

Insurance costs for young teen drivers are highest during the first 3 years of obtaining a license. By waiting until your teen is 18 to drive your family vehicle, you can save on insurance prices.

Have your teen keep his driver’s permit rather than applying for a full license. Many insurers don’t alter teen driver insurance rates until after the teen has obtained a full license.

If your teen insists on getting a license right away, apply for a "good student discount" from your insurance company. This discount applies to high school and college students who maintain a "B" average or higher in their academic studies and can save you as much as 20% on your car insurance premiums.

Have your teen complete a driving safety course to qualify for lower insurance prices.

For more information on teen auto insurance coverage and costs in California or to get a quote on an insurance policy, contact Save-On Insurance Services located in Los Angeles, CA.