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Foggy Car Windows? Clear It Fast To Stay Safe!

We love our cars, whether the weather outside is hot and sunny or cold and dreary, our cars are our friends. However, when the windows in our cars are foggy, our friend can turn on us in a short amount of time and can actually become dangerous. Here’s how to clear your foggy windows without having to wipe them down, hot weather or cool:

– Warm outside/cool inside: This usually means the condensation is on the outside. The fastest way to clear your windows is to use your windshield wipers and warm up the inside of your car by turning down your AC. Also, turn off or leave off air recirculation to allow the moisture and heat inside your car to come closer to the outside air.

– Cold outside/warm inside: All too often, this is when the condensation is on the inside of your car and you’re tempted to wipe it off with your hand, a towel or whatever else is handy. While this may help in an emergency, the best thing to do is turn on your defroster to blow warm air onto your windshield to cut through the condensation. Also, getting the inside of the car as cool and damp as the outside air by opening your window or using the defroster vent to blow cool air on the condensation works as well.

When it comes to making sure your windows are clear, starting your car and letting the windshield have time to warm up or cool down and allow the condensation clear is best. Regardless of all our best safety precautions, things do happen and having great auto insurance means we have financial safety precautions in place as well. If you live in the Los Angeles, California area, contact Save-On Insurance Services to get a quote on updating your auto insurance policy. There’s no assurance like great insurance.