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Beef Up Your Insurance Coverage with an Umbrella Policy

Most people have insurance coverage for their car or home. What you may not realize is that with standard policies, the limit for coverage against liability is often fairly low. This means that if someone suffers a major injury on your property or due to a car accident in which you were at fault, you may be left unprotected from the expenses that result.

Umbrella insurance covers against these liabilities. It also adds protection against a variety of other risks- this protection includes coverage against things like false arrest, libel and slander, and even can protect rental units you own. This coverage goes beyond that provided by a typical home or auto insurance policy.

A home umbrella policy doesn’t stop working once you leave your property. It also adds extra protection against liability incurred from auto accidents. Since car wrecks can result in thousands of dollars’ worth of property damage or millions of dollars’ worth of medical bills, this is great coverage to add if you want to be sure that even the worst accident won’t bankrupt you.

For more information or to get a quote for an umbrella policy in California, please contact Save-On Insurance Services in Los Angeles.