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Customize your traveler’s insurance with multiple options

When planning a vacation you want to make sure you are able to enjoy your getaway completely stress free. Help reduce the amount of stress by protecting you and your family with a travel insurance policy. Depending upon the coverage you select, you and your family will be covered for any unexpected incidents or accidents, lost luggage and any vacation cancellations. There are many different travel insurance options available, making it possible for you to purchase a customized insurance policy.

Here are some options which may be available to help you customize your travel insurance plan:

  • Cancel for any reason
  • Terrorist incident
  • Security evacuation
  • Accidental death and dismemberment
  • Primary medical
  • Emergency evacuation
  • Trip interruption
  • Travel or baggage delays
  • Various levels of deductibles

Depending upon your vacation and your personal needs, many other customizable options may be available. Contact your insurance agent to find out more about the different options available for your upcoming vacation.

For all of your insurance needs or questions, including those for home and life insurance options, contact Save-On Insurance Services in Los Angeles, California. Contact us today to get a quote.

Things to consider when buying travel insurance

Planning vacations require a lot of thought, planning and money. Do not let something unexpected, such as sickness, accidents, lost luggage or natural disasters cause more grief. Travel insurance is available to help cover some of life’s unexpected incidents, both while on vacation and in the event you have to cancel it.

Here are some things to consider regarding travel insurance when planning your upcoming vacation:

  • Buy travel insurance when you book your vacation
  • Buy travel insurance a la carte, by only purchasing the areas of travel coverage you will need
  • Purchase evacuation coverage to ensure your emergency trip home is covered
  • Be aware of policy restrictions and consider purchasing a “cancel for any reason” policy
  • Know that travel insurance is not the same thing as a “cancellation waiver”
  • Take a lot of notes to back you up when filing a claim
  • Know that you may not be covered if something happens while you are under the influence

Also, when buying travel insurance it is important you purchase it from a reputable insurance provider and not your tour guide. This will ensure you receive all the coverage you are paying for.

For all of your insurance questions, including those about home and life insurance contact Save-On Insurance Services in Los Angeles, California. Call us today to get a quote.

Los Angeles Valley Fair – June 17th – 20th

Los Angeles Valley Fair – June 17th – 20th

It’s fair time again! That means lots of yummy fair food, rides, games, animals, shows, and tons of fun for the entire family! The Valley Fair will be held at Lake Balboa in Van Nuys – 6300 Balboa Blvd.

This year’s Valley Fair has lots to offer everyone in the family including:

  • Live music by various bands
  • A monkey show
  • Train rides
  • Rock climbing
  • A magician
  • Petting zoo
  • Pony rides
  • Pig races
  • Obstacle courses
  • Laser tag

Everyone loves fair food! They are sure to have at least one of your favorites, the list below is not a complete list, just the highlights.

  • Cotton candy
  • Corn dogs
  • Funnel Cakes
  • Candy and Carmel apples
  • Giant Soft Pretzels
  • Blooming Onions
  • Sausage, Peppers and Onions
  • Pizza
  • Deep Fried Ice Cream
  • Fish Tacos
  • Burgers and Fries

The list of fair foods being served seems endless, but the ones listed above should give you a good idea of what you will be able to purchase to eat!


For many people the rides are the most important part of the fair. Here’s a peek at some of the rides they will have this year.

  • Ferris Wheel
  • Jumbo Slides
  • Bounce Houses
  • Scrambler
  • Octopus

There will also be plenty of rides for younger children including, a train ride, Tugboats, Beatle Car ride, and a few more.

A fair would not be complete without fair games! Let’s take a look at a few of the games that will be at this year’s Valley Fair.

  • Whack a Mole
  • Ring Toss
  • Pop the Balloon
  • Fish Bowl Toss
  • Basketball Toss
  • Knock Down the Bowling Pins

That about covers what you can expect to find at the Valley Fair this year. Now, let’s look the hours and admission price.

The fair starts Thursday evening at 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm, Friday through Sunday from 4:00 to 11:00 pm. Admission prices: adults $11.00, Students $9.00, children ages 3,4, and 5 $5.00 and under children under 2 are free.

For more information about the Valley fair, home, life insurance, or general insurance questions in California please contact Save-On Insurance Services for answers to your questions and to get a quote, located in Los Angeles.


Don’t Buy Business Insurance Until You’ve Read These 5 Tips!

If you own and operate a business, then it’s one of the most important things in your life. Therefore, it needs to be insured as such. However, before you simply purchase a small business insurance policy, don’t forget these 5 very important things:

  1. Assess Your Business Risks – This is something the insurance company is going to do, so it’s always helpful to perform your own research and do your own homework before searching for quotes.
  2. Shop Around – Don’t go for the first quote you get that seems to be a decent price. Take your time, make sure that your insurance policy covers everything it needs to and all risks have been carefully assessed and documented before paying the premium. In some cases, you may want to find an insurance agent that specializes in your specific type of business in order to get cheaper premiums.
  3. Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) – You can purchase small business coverage in a package or separately. The package is known as BOP and usually consists of everything from auto insurance and general liability to business interruption coverage. However, not all types are covered in a BOP, so it’s important to speak to your agent about the unique risks to your business.
  4. Find a Trustworthy, Licensed Insurance Agent – An insurance broker can help you get the best deal by uncovering hidden gems that you couldn’t find on your own. However, make sure to choose a broker that is more worried about you and your needs rather than the commission that they’ll make by selling you the insurance policy.
  5. Annual Reviews – Because changes are always happening, you’ll want to ensure that you review your policy and risks on an annual basis.  

For business owners in Los Angeles, California, feel free to contact us at Save-On Insurance Services with any questions you may have regarding insurance policies or to get a quote for life insurance, home insurance or commercial business insurance. 

When You Need Umbrella Insurance

Car insurance and homeowners or renters insurance are both policies that everyone should have. If you have dependents, add life insurance to that list. If you have all those, when would you need umbrella insurance? The following will answer that question for you.

Protection Above and Beyond

Few people realize that home and auto insurance limits may not cover everything. If an accident that happens on your property or with your car results in serious injury, then the costs that you are liable for may be more than the limits on your policies.

This is where an umbrella policy would come in. If your net worth and projected future earnings are more than the limits for either your home or renters insurance, then you should consider an umbrella policy. This would cover you if your costs go over the limits on your car or homeowners insurance.

If you have any questions or to get a quote, contact Save-on Insurance Services at our offices in Los Angeles, California today!

Summer Diet Tips

Summer is the time to kick-back, relax, and unwind. However, if you relax too much in the diet department, you may have trouble fitting into your bathing suit. Here are a few diet tips to keep in mind as summer approaches.

  • Breakfast is key to managing your metabolism. Experts say, "The bigger the better!" with regards to breakfast. Don’t skip this important meal of the day or depend on starchy sweets like doughnuts. Commit to eating a balanced breakfast that includes protein, some healthy fat, and a fruit or veggie.
  • Try to drink green tea after each meal to increase your metabolism and manage your cravings.
  • Plan on three cups of vegetables per day. Veggies are loaded with filling fiber and needed vitamins and minerals. Keep a bowl of sliced veggies in the fridge to encourage the whole family to increase the veggie intake.
  • Eat something nutritious every three or four hours to keep your blood sugar levels on an even keel.

If you have questions about life insurance, auto insurance, or insurance for your home, contact Save-On Insurance Services in Los Angeles, California to get a quote.

Save-On Insurance Services for Life Insurance

Searching for the right life insurance can raise questions and, possibly, some concerns. If you have any of these questions, you need to utilize the services of a professional agency. 

  • How do you purchase a policy for life insurance?
  • What is required for the application process?
  • Does it require a physical exam?
  • How do you know if an insurance company is stable?
  • What do the terms preferred plus, preferred and standard mean? 
  • Can you obtain a policy after the age of 75?

Obtaining life insurance doesn’t have to be a complicated or confusing experience. There are professionals that can guide you through this experience because they have helped hundreds of other individuals that have had the same questions you do. 

Contact the experts at Save-On Insurance Services to get the answers to frequently asked questions or to get a quote for the policy that best meets your needs. Save-On Insurance Services can provide you with accurate answers and information on life insurance, health insurance, traveler’s insurance and insurance for your home.