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Save-On Commercial Insurance Services

Save-On Insurance Provides Comprehensive Commercial Insurance Products for Commercial Vehicles & Commercial Properties

Commercial insurance services

Whether you need commercial insurance for your auto, truck, or commercial real estate properties, Save-On Insurance Services has products and packages that cover your business investments from top to bottom.

Commercial Property | Commercial Auto

Commercial Insurance for your Commercial Vehicle

Save-On Insurance Services offers some of the lowest and most affordable prices of any other insurance company in Los Angeles/Western Los Angeles and surrounding southern California communities. Our commercial auto covers a number of different vehicle types from everyday passenger vehicles, larger passenger vans and coaches, or commercial tow trucks and delivery, long-haul trucks. We also insure vehicles that are classic or collector cars, as well as expensive performance or luxury vehicles. Not too many insurance companies are interested in having to insure high valued, exotic or classic cars. Save-On Insurance auto insurance has no problem doing that for its customers, as well as doing it at a low and affordable price. Some of the cars that fall into this category include, Porsche, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Mercedes, etc. Visit our Luxury and Exotic Auto Insurance page to learn more.

We also insure drivers with good as well as bad driving records.

If you have a clean driving record and have kept it that way for a long time, we can help you obtain a discount. Many insurance companies are not willing to insure those drivers who are considered to be high risk or have bad driving records. Drivers who fall into that category usually find themselves having to pay ridiculously high amounts of money due to their personal driving records, but here at Save-On car insurance, we do not believe in having to penalize our customers for their driving records. We will work hard with your individual situations and needs and find a cost efficient plan that works in your favor.

We also offer many additional discounts. Such discounts include if your vehicle has some sort of security system on it, such as lojack or an alarm system, if you have low mileage or anti-lock brakes on your car. In addition, if you are a parent and have a teenage son/daughter, we offer the good-student discount, which simply means if you can provide us with evidence that your teenage son/daughter has been receiving good grades, you can obtain this discount. We offer discounts to families that have more than two vehicles as well, known as our multiple vehicle discount. Not only do we insure people with great auto insurance rates, but we also insure homeowners. Homeowners who also own a vehicle can get our auto and homeowner package discount.

Give Save-On Insurance Services a call today at 310-474-7283, or contact us online in order to find out how much you can save with us.

We will also give you a free quote, along with quotes from different companies, so you can see how much money you will be saving with our insurance company. Do not wait a minute longer, give us a try today!

Commercial Insurance for your Commercial Property

If you own or run a Commercial Building, you want to make sure you have insurance for them. Commercial real estate insurance is important to have in the event that anything should happen to it, such as robbery, theft, or any loss that may occur through accident.

There are many different types of commercial property insurance coverage you can get. The most important insurance to obtain though is the building and contents insurance. This insurance policy covers your building/business from any losses that could arise from fire or any damages caused by a natural disaster.

Not having your Commercial Building insured can spell disaster. You can find yourself having to pay huge amounts of money to repair any damages that might occur to your building should the event ever occur that your building/business is damaged. With us, we assure you the lowest rates for obtaining building/business insurance as well as putting your mind at ease knowing that your building/business is safely insured.

So give us a call today to find out more information on how you can get building/business insurance today. 310-474-7283

We will also provide you with a free quote as well as quotes from different insurance companies so you can compare the rates and see how much you would be saving with us.