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Save on Your Auto Insurance Policy

Save-On Insurance provides a number of ways you can save on your California Auto Insurance

Save On Auto Insurance

There are many variables involved when qualifying a driver for a “Good Driver” discount for any insurance company in California; including the Los Angeles area and/or West Los Angeles area.

To qualify for a “Good Driver” auto insurance rate you must have the following criteria (other conditions may apply):

  1. You have had your license for at least 3 years. (18 months in US or Canada)
  2. No more than one property damage accident, or
  3. Have had no more than one minor violation point. No major violation within last 3 years is part of the good driver requirement such as DUI or reckless driving.

You can have up to 1 minor violation, or have a “no-bodily injury accident” and still get good driver’s discount. In addition to keeping a good driving record and qualifying for initial lower auto rates, your insurance rates may continue to see the benefit of on-going discounts on other policies too; saving you a lot of money on your policies each year.

Save-On Insurance offers qualifying “Good Driver” auto insurance discounts in addition to the following these other car insurance discounts:

  • Claim free discount,
  • Mature driver discount,
  • Good student discount,
  • Marital status discount,
  • Driving experience discount,
  • Group occupational discount (Doctors, dentist, teacher, scientist, lawyers, etc.),
  • Alarm discount,
  • Anti-lock brake discount,
  • Lojack,
  • Teletrack,
  • OnStar(R) discount,
  • Auto and Homeowner bundles, and more.

Obtaining good driver insurance and all other discounts mentioned above have never been easier. Save-on Insurance will make sure to get all the vehicle discounts you may be eligible for based on your application.


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