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Archives for April 2014

What Exactly Does General Liability Insurance Cover?

General liability insurance is a type of business insurance coverage that offers protection when property damage or injuries happen as a result of business operations. General liability is also referred to as commercial general liability or business liability insurance.

Business owners are often well-aware of certain risks associated with daily operations of the business. Still, the provisions of general liability protection is sometimes unclear.

General liability insurance policies cover:

  • Bodily Injury: Bodily injury resulting from work-related accidents involving individuals the company is liable to.
  • Medical Payments: Medical bills associated with those business-related incidents resulting in body injury.
  • Property Damage: Policy provisions include damages to property used for business operations (even if it’s rented).
  • Defense: Covers your business if the company is named in a legal proceeding (whether or not your company is at fault).
  • Personal And Advertising Injury: Protects against claims such as libel, slander, defamation of character, etc.

Even amid the best processes and strategies, your business can come under fire. Being properly insured is critical to both protecting the company if a challenge arises and in offering peace of mind as you head home each day.

At Save-On Insurance Services, experienced agents have assisted California business owners since 1985. For a comprehensive risk analysis, or to get a quote for general liability coverage, contact Save-On Insurance Services today.

Safety Tips for Personal Watercraft Owners

For many outdoor enthusiasts, personal watercrafts like jet skis make a great alternative to traditional boats and canoes. However, safety cannot be ignored when riding on these devices. Packing an emergency kit at home will help you if there is trouble on the water.

Emergency Kit

Items you should place in your personal watercraft emergency kit include a flashlight, a whistle or flare kit to signal for help, marine radio, compass, charts for the area in the water where you will ride and proof of insurance for your craft. Some personal watercraft owners also invest in a marine GPS, especially if they have trouble reading maps. Make sure everyone is wearing a life jacket.


A personal watercraft that has been protected from winter may still need repairs before it can hit the water. Make sure all watercraft are inspected before use after they have been stored for a few months.

If you have more questions about watercraft safety and live in the greater Los Angeles, California area, please contact Save-On Insurance Services and get a quote today.

Why Permanent Insurance Life Insurance is a Good Value

Permanent life insurance policies provide life-long protection for those they were meant to protect. If you are considering life insurance there are some very good reasons to choose permanent or whole life insurance. Here are five.

  • Permanent life insurance builds value. The longer you have it, the more it is worth. It will never go down in value, and you own and have access to that value.
  • Because it increases in value, its worth is there to help you in difficult financial circumstances.
  • Its worth is also available to help you take advantage of opportunities. You can borrow against your permanent life insurance policy to invest in a business or other promising enterprise.
  • Life insurance values are rarely used in consideration for student aid. That means your life insurance policy can build value while not hampering your children’s efforts to secure funding for higher education.
  • Permanent life insurance policies can provide additional retirement income.

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Beef Up Your Insurance Coverage with an Umbrella Policy

Most people have insurance coverage for their car or home. What you may not realize is that with standard policies, the limit for coverage against liability is often fairly low. This means that if someone suffers a major injury on your property or due to a car accident in which you were at fault, you may be left unprotected from the expenses that result.

Umbrella insurance covers against these liabilities. It also adds protection against a variety of other risks- this protection includes coverage against things like false arrest, libel and slander, and even can protect rental units you own. This coverage goes beyond that provided by a typical home or auto insurance policy.

A home umbrella policy doesn’t stop working once you leave your property. It also adds extra protection against liability incurred from auto accidents. Since car wrecks can result in thousands of dollars’ worth of property damage or millions of dollars’ worth of medical bills, this is great coverage to add if you want to be sure that even the worst accident won’t bankrupt you.

For more information or to get a quote for an umbrella policy in California, please contact Save-On Insurance Services in Los Angeles.

Factors that make life insurance more expensive

Many of us are in need of life insurance. Especially if we have young children, a spouse who is dependent upon our income or a mortgage. Life insurance protects our loved ones should the unthinkable happen and ensures they can financially make it through their time of need. There are many different types, costs and levels of life insurance coverage available.

Depending upon the level of coverage you want and other factors, a life insurance policy can get expensive. Some factors which may affect the cost of a life insurance policy include those related to medical and family history and lifestyle choices. Below are different factors which can cause the cost of your life insurance policy to increase.

  • Tobacco use
  • Weight
  • Driving record
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Cancer
  • Depression
  • Cholesterol levels
  • Diabetes
  • Asthma
  • Substance abuse
  • Family history
  • Occupation
  • Participation in dangerous hobbies

Take time to speak with your insurance agent to find out which factors in your life may affect the cost of your life insurance policy.

For more information about your life and other insurance needs or to get a quote contact Save-On Insurance Services.

Protect yourself on the water with boat insurance

It does not matter the size of your boat or if you prefer to boat on freshwater lakes and rivers or head out to the open waters of the ocean. Every boat owner should take the steps to ensure the boat and those on the boat are protected while out on the water. A boat insurance policy protects you and your boat from any liability and damage caused during an accident. The insurance policy you need depends upon the boat you own and the amount of coverage you want to purchase.

Boat insurance policies should include:

  • Damage caused by collision, sinking, accident, mischief and vandalism
  • Physical damage to the hull, sails, machinery, furnishings, on-board equipment and boat trailer
  • Liability coverage
  • Optional coverage for personal property, fishing equipment, uninsured boaters and towing

Keep in mind, there is only limited coverage, if any, for your boat included with your current homeowners or auto insurance policy. Take the time to speak with an insurance agent to find out how much coverage you currently have and you different boat insurance options.

For more information about getting boat insurance or to get a quote, contact Save-On Insurance Services today.

How to Cheaply Insure Teen Drivers

Putting your licensed teen driver on your auto insurance policy will result in a steep rise in your premiums. The following offers some suggestions on how to insure your teen driver at a less expensive cost.  

Insurance costs for young teen drivers are highest during the first 3 years of obtaining a license. By waiting until your teen is 18 to drive your family vehicle, you can save on insurance prices.

Have your teen keep his driver’s permit rather than applying for a full license. Many insurers don’t alter teen driver insurance rates until after the teen has obtained a full license.

If your teen insists on getting a license right away, apply for a "good student discount" from your insurance company. This discount applies to high school and college students who maintain a "B" average or higher in their academic studies and can save you as much as 20% on your car insurance premiums.

Have your teen complete a driving safety course to qualify for lower insurance prices.

For more information on teen auto insurance coverage and costs in California or to get a quote on an insurance policy, contact Save-On Insurance Services located in Los Angeles, CA.