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Archives for March 2014

Foggy Car Windows? Clear It Fast To Stay Safe!

We love our cars, whether the weather outside is hot and sunny or cold and dreary, our cars are our friends. However, when the windows in our cars are foggy, our friend can turn on us in a short amount of time and can actually become dangerous. Here’s how to clear your foggy windows without having to wipe them down, hot weather or cool:

– Warm outside/cool inside: This usually means the condensation is on the outside. The fastest way to clear your windows is to use your windshield wipers and warm up the inside of your car by turning down your AC. Also, turn off or leave off air recirculation to allow the moisture and heat inside your car to come closer to the outside air.

– Cold outside/warm inside: All too often, this is when the condensation is on the inside of your car and you’re tempted to wipe it off with your hand, a towel or whatever else is handy. While this may help in an emergency, the best thing to do is turn on your defroster to blow warm air onto your windshield to cut through the condensation. Also, getting the inside of the car as cool and damp as the outside air by opening your window or using the defroster vent to blow cool air on the condensation works as well.

When it comes to making sure your windows are clear, starting your car and letting the windshield have time to warm up or cool down and allow the condensation clear is best. Regardless of all our best safety precautions, things do happen and having great auto insurance means we have financial safety precautions in place as well. If you live in the Los Angeles, California area, contact Save-On Insurance Services to get a quote on updating your auto insurance policy. There’s no assurance like great insurance. 

How to Avoid Identity Theft This Tax Season

Stealing taxpayer personal information to steal tax refunds is becoming a fast-growing form of identity theft. After stealing the refunds, thieves can then use the personal information to commit other kinds of fraud in the taxpayer’s name. Follow these tips to help protect yourself during this tax season.

Check Your Mail

Identity thieves steal W-2s, 1099s and other tax documents in order to get your personal information. If you did not receive all of your tax information from your employers by February 14th, contact the IRS and your employers immediately.

Guard Hard Copies

Treat all tax documents like cash. Keep them out of sight and preferably in a file cabinet or safe. These documents include receipts, W2s, 1099s, home improvement invoices and medical bills that can be written off your taxes (if you can for your particular situation.)

If you still have questions about protecting your identity this tax season or about tax insurance and live in the Los Angeles area, please contact Save-On Insurance Services and get a quote today.

Home Maintenance Tips to Increase Home Safety this Spring

As winter transitions into spring, it’s time to check your home to see what maintenance jobs need doing to secure your property. Through home maintenance, you can raise the safety standard of your home to protect your family. Here are five simple tasks to get you started:

1. Change AC, air purifier and other household appliance filters for a cleaner home air environment.

2. Check your home’s CO and smoke alarms and replace their batteries to ensure they are working properly.

3. Have your cooling system inspected and maintained to ensure it will run efficiently and effectively when summer arrives. This includes checking thermostat settings, cleaning AC coils and ducts, checking refrigerant level, adjusting blowers, etc.

4. Purge old medicines out of your medicine chest. Dispose of expired prescription and non-prescription drugs to eliminate the risk of danger or harm. You may need to research FDA guidelines for proper disposal methods of certain types of drugs.  

5. Review and update your homeowners insurance policy to ensure you have adequate coverage. 

To get a quote on policy upgrades in California, contact Save-On Insurance Services located in Los Angeles, CA. 

What a Basic Auto Insurance Policy Covers

Every state in the US mandates that car owners have insurance if their vehicles are to be driven on public roads. For most people, it’s worth it to buy more types of auto coverage than is mandated, but for some, the minimum is enough.

What do get with the most basic coverage? The laws in each state are slightly different, but a basic auto insurance policy will typically cover liability for bodily injury and property damage. Coverage for your own medical expenses if you are injured in an accident is also common, though this part can be waived in some states if you already have a health insurance policy that covers such things.

The main thing to keep in mind is that the coverage on a basic car insurance policy covers your liability to other people. It doesn’t cover your own expenses for fixing your car, and unless you have the personal injury protection (PIP) component, it won’t cover your own injury expenses. Therefore, you may want to add more coverage types, such as collision and comprehensive, to beef up your policy.

For more information about auto insurance in California or to get a quote, please contact Save-On Insurance Services in Los Angeles.

Advantages of Worker’s Compensation Benefits

Workers compensation is a form of insurance that aims to protect on-the-job injuries. Any individual working for an employer should be covered by these benefits, although some jobs are excluded. There are many different types, but it is an advantage that helps the employee in the event of an accident. Here are some of the main reasons you want to be covered:

  • It covers all medical bills, and you do not have to be on the premises to be injured. Any injury related to the job will automatically be covered.
  • It provides disability payments until you can go back to work.
  • It pays for rehabilitation and retraining if needed.

Knowing and understanding how workers compensation works can make a huge difference if you get hurt on the job. Although having job-related injuries is no fun, it’s good to know there is some protection in place. For more information on workers compensation in the Los Angeles, California area, contact Save-On Insurance Services to get a quote today!

Revving Up to Buy Motorcycle Insurance?

Motorcycle insurance can give you confidence that your sweet ride won’t turn into a sour experience. Follow these steps to get the right insurance for your needs.

1) Find out what the state requirements are for liability and personal injury coverage. Remember this is the minimum amount you’ll need.

2) Consider your assets. If you have substantial savings or property, you might want more insurance to protect your finances from a lawsuit.

3) Check your car insurance policy. Your motorcycle insurance should provide at least as much coverage.

4) Remember that state requirements only cover liability — the amount you may have to pay to another person. If you want coverage for damage to your own bike, you need collision coverage for road accidents and comprehensive coverage for other kinds of damage and theft.

4) Have your bike appraised. If you own an antique or have customized the bike, it may be worth substantially more than you paid. Find out what the replacement value will be.

5) If you have custom accessories, make sure you buy insurance that covers those items, or buy a rider that provides insurance for them.

Save-On Insurance Services can help you with all of your vehicle insurance needs. To learn more or get a quote, contact us.

Teen Drivers Require Every Possible Advantage

Parents worry about distracted driving, overconfidence and indecision when their teens are behind the wheel.  Selection of a well-equipped vehicle could reduce the chances that the teen will be involved in a crash.

  • Electronic Stability Control – An automobile equipped with ESC will take control if the teen is unable to control a skid or sharp turn.  This feature is on every 2012 make and model of vehicle.  The expense of having a teen drive a new car might be outweighed when the technology saves the young driver’s life.
  • Anti-lock Braking System – Wet roads require driving skill that can be assisted with brakes that will not lock and cause skids.  ABS adjusts the brake tension automatically to allow the car to retain contact with the pavement.
  • Airbags – In a crash, teen drivers will benefit from the deployment of airbags.  Bumps and bruises will heal faster than severe injuries incurred from rattling around in a rolling vehicle.
  • Proper maintenance – Good tires and proper air pressure work together to make the car even more safe.  Teens should be taught how to check fluid levels and tire pressure each month.

For all your auto insurance needs, contact Save-On Insurance Services to get a quote, today!