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Archives for March 2014

Foggy Car Windows? Clear It Fast To Stay Safe!

We love our cars, whether the weather outside is hot and sunny or cold and dreary, our cars are our friends. However, when the windows in our cars are foggy, our friend can turn on us in a short amount of time and can actually become dangerous. Read More

How to Avoid Identity Theft This Tax Season

Stealing taxpayer personal information to steal tax refunds is becoming a fast-growing form of identity theft. After stealing the refunds, thieves can then use the personal information to commit other kinds of fraud in the taxpayer’s name. Read More

Home Maintenance Tips to Increase Home Safety this Spring

As winter transitions into spring, it’s time to check your home to see what maintenance jobs need doing to secure your property. Through home maintenance, you can raise the safety standard of your home to protect your family. Here are five Read More

What a Basic Auto Insurance Policy Covers

Every state in the US mandates that car owners have insurance if their vehicles are to be driven on public roads. For most people, it's worth it to buy more types of auto coverage than is mandated, but for some, the minimum is enough. What do get Read More

Advantages of Worker’s Compensation Benefits

Workers compensation is a form of insurance that aims to protect on-the-job injuries. Any individual working for an employer should be covered by these benefits, although some jobs are excluded. There are many different types, but it is an advantage Read More

Revving Up to Buy Motorcycle Insurance?

Motorcycle insurance can give you confidence that your sweet ride won't turn into a sour experience. Follow these steps to get the right insurance for your needs. 1) Find out what the state requirements are for liability and personal injury Read More

Teen Drivers Require Every Possible Advantage

Parents worry about distracted driving, overconfidence and indecision when their teens are behind the wheel.  Selection of a well-equipped vehicle could reduce the chances that the teen will be involved in a crash. Electronic Stability Read More