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So, what insurance products do we offer California business and residents?
Auto, Homeowners, Condo, Health, Personal Umbrella, Life, Flood, Earthquake, Renters/Apartment, Mobile Home, Motorcycle, RV, Boat, Exotic Cars, Classic Cars, Vacation Homes, SR-22, Suspended Licenses, Teenage drivers, Commercial Property, Commercial Vehicle, Commercial Umbrella, General Liability, Professional Liability, E&O, Business Liability, Business Owner’s Packages, Workers Compensation, Travel Insurance, Long Term Care, Annuity, and everything else in between.
What can we do for you?

Since 1985, Save-On Insurance has successfully saved its clients thousands of dollars in insurance premiums for Auto, Home, Umbrella, Earthquake, Health, Commercial/Business and Life. This success is the direct result of personal efforts to shop over 100 top rated Companies on behalf of those client. Save-on Insurance simply finds the best coverage at the lowest price with highest quality service.

As seen in Forbes Magazine, Save-on Insurance was selected among The Most Dependable Insurance agencies in California by Goldline Research.

Searching for the best in Health Care? Save-on Insurance can help you there too.

Having individual health insurance is a very important issue and is starting to become a necessity. One reason why it is quickly becoming a necessity is because a lot of people in Southern California are not able to afford the high costs of healthcare, especially with all the rising prices that is seen taking place all around us. Visit us at to learn more.